Chick-fil-a and Weight Watchers Points Plus

Chick-fil-a is a great place for being on Weight Watchers using Points Plus. Here are my main three combinations when I order from there:

  1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Fruit Cup, and a Diet Coke - 7 points
  2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Side Salad with dressing, and a Diet Coke – less than 10 points
  3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Small Waffle Fry, and a Diet Coke – 15 points

At Chick-fil-a, a Grilled Chicken sandwich is 7 points on the points plus system. The grilled chicken, wheat bun, tomato, and lettuce help keep the points low. If you are using the Weight Watchers Plan Manager, it will show this sandwich as only 6 points, but the point calculator shows 7 points. I think the calculator is more up to date and the plan manager has older information.

Of course, with the new Points Plus system, all fresh fruit is zero points, so the fruit cup is zero!

You can substitute the side salad for fries on the meal. The Weight Watcher Tracker gives the side salad 2 points. I’m not sure how it is even that if you don’t use the croutons, sunflower seeds, and remove most the cheese. If you keep the cheese on, then maybe 2 points, but if you remove it, it is pure raw veggies and salad which would make it 0 points. Salad dressing will add 1 – 4 points depending upon what you get. I’m not eating a salad without dressing.

The small waffle fry is 8 points. Sometimes, I just gotta have a fry.

Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sugar Free Tea – all zero points.

So, the safest thing to do is order a #3 with a side salad and you’ve got a fast food meal for about 8 points. That’s a pretty good deal.

Now, if you venture off a bit and order a #1 (regular Chick-fil-a sandwich), that is going to be 11 points on the points plus system. If you eat the medium size waffle fry that comes with it, then you are adding 10 points.  So, a #1 is going to be a total of 21 points.

The foods to avoid at Chick-fil-a:

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich – 13 points (kinda crazy. You’d think this would be healthier than the regular sandwich)
  • Cool Wraps – 11 or 12 points each (also kinda crazy on how high these points are.)

Anyway, more than any other fast food restaurant out there, Chick-fil-a seems to be the best for Weight Watchers… and the fact that it is only 3 minutes from my house, that makes it even better.

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7 Responses to “Chick-fil-a and Weight Watchers Points Plus”

  1. Pam says:

    Just figured the Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwich
    on the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan and it is 7 points.. Just to let you know..

  2. Safari Rich says:


    I’ve noticed that there is an occasional discrepancy for a few different foods, Smart Ones meals, and the Weight Watchers candy. I’ve never seen a discrepancy greater than 1 point, but it does happen on occasion.

    When I enter the nutritional details you find on the Chick fil a website into a points plus calculator, it comes up 7 points. When I use the Plan Manager and do a search for “Chick Fil A,” it will show the chargrilled chicken sandwich at 6 points. When I use the nutrition menu I picked up at the restaurant, it calculates to 6 points too.

    The only thing I can think of is that Chickfila has changed the sandwich slightly (most likely the bun) and the website has the current data. The guide at the restaurant and the WW Plan Manager are out dated. So, 7 points is probably the most accurate.

    Whether 6 or 7 points… still a pretty good deal for a fast food sandwich.

  3. Safari Rich says:

    I updated this post to show the chargrilled sandwich is 7 points and not 6 like the plan manager shows.

    Thanks Pam.

  4. Natalie Mickan says:

    What a great website you have! I was googling WW points at the grocery store and stumbled across your site and page where you list the Skinny Cow product line. Here’s one for you: I just bought and ate 27 little Special K cracker chips sour cream & onion flavor that were soooo good and are only 3 WW Point Plus points. If you have any other ideas of good stuff at the store (other than staple items like veggies, fruit, meat, etc.) please let me know! Thanks…and once again fabulous website!


  5. Kathy says:

    According to the nutritional guide on Chic-fil a website, the fruit has 2points. I asked my WW instructor why, and she advised that it is probably packed in sugar..I guess it is because there are 17 grams of carbs in one serving… I was disappointed to find this out.

  6. Safari Rich says:

    Kathy, the fruit cup at ChickfilA isn’t packed in sugar or anything. It’s fresh fruit – strawberries, apples, grapes, etc.

    With the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system, fresh fruit doesn’t have any points. The carbs are from the natural sugars, not processed, white, or refined sugar.

    But, it is fresh fruit, and if you’re following the Points Plus system, then it is zero points. If you’re following the older system, then you would have to count the points.

  7. Cynthia T says:

    The mandarin oranges are not fresh. I am pretty sure they are out of a can. That may be the reason for the points. Just a thought.

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