Jimmy John’s Points Plus

My daughter and I celebrated the last week of school by going out to lunch at Jimmy John’s. I learned a few things really quick when it comes to the Weight Watchers Points Plus system.

  1. Use the regular French bread. Don’t use their “Whole Wheat” bread.
  2. Don’t add Mayonnaise to your sandwich.
  3. The bag of chips has 2 servings in it.

Jimmy Johns Weight Watchers Points PlusOkay, you would think that a white french bread would have more points than whole wheat. At Jimmy Johns – not the case.  The 8 inch French bread is 6 Points Plus. The 7-grain Whole Wheat is 9 Points Plus. It is higher in fat, carbs, and protein. So, stick with the regular bread.

Secondly, watch the sauces you add to your sandwich. It can add A LOT of points, relatively speaking for sauce. I made the mistake of getting the Turkey Tom with mayo. The mayo alone, according to the nutrition guide for Jimmy Johns said it was 5 Points Plus… just for a squirt of Mayo! The Vinaigrette adds 2 Points, and the Grey Poupon Mustard adds 0 points. If you really want Mayo, bring your own lite Mayo packet from home.

Adding the cheese to your sandwich is 3 points plus, while the peppers and avocado spread are 0 and 1 points respectively.

The sandwich overall – very good. I like the taste of the Turkey Tom. The sandwich with sprouts, lettuce, tomato is only 8 Points Plus (w/o Mayo).  You can click on the photo on the right to see a bigger picture. Here is a list of their top 7 sandwiches and their Weight Watchers Points Plus value without Mayo:

  • The Pepe – 10
  • Big John – 8
  • Totally Tuna – 17 (probably lots of mayo in the tuna)
  • Turkey Tom – 8
  • Vito (no Vinaigrette or cheese) – 11
  • Vegetarian (no cheese) – 7
  • JJBLT – 11

Finally, I got the “Thinny Chips.” Those are 3 Points Plus. But, as I mentioned above, the bag says it contains 2 servings. So, if you eat the whole bag you need to probably double that number. If you’re with a friend, split the chips, otherwise (if you’re like me), you’ll find yourself munching on the whole bag.

Overall, a pretty good place to go for a meal. The sandwich is pretty big and I left satisfied. I didn’t calculate the other stuff on the menu… I’m guessing it’s kinda high. I will be back for more. Another option to add to good places to go, but know what you’re ordering before you order.

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