What Can I Get At Starbucks?

We have a Starbucks about 3 minutes from our house… which certainly isn’t uncommon, but since I am living off the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system, I’m not sure what I can get and what I can’t get that will be smart use of my points. So, today I got a bottle of water and grabbed their nutritional guide and went home to calculate my points. 

I was reading on one website that was trying to show WW points that no one needs to drink more than a Tall (10-12 oz.). Yeah right.  I don’t want a tall. I want at least a Grande from Starbucks. Besides, all of those sites out there that talk about WW points and Starbucks are 2-4 years old. Both Starbucks and WW have changed in that time.

I would suggest picking up nutritional guides for most of the places you visit, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Subway, or wherever.  There are options, but I’d rather know ahead of time and not be suprised that I just wasted a fourth of my points on a snack.

I did realize at Starbucks I am going to have to go non-fat milk in my drinks… maybe soy, but the 2% milk isn’t going to cut it unless I am going to splurge on points and borrow from my weekly allowance. All of the figures below are non-fat milk.  So, in case you like to visit Starbucks, this is what I found:

  • Vanilla Latte – Tall=4 points, Grande=5 points
  • Carmel Macchiato – Tall=4 points, Grande=5 points
  • Hot Chocolate – Tall=5 points, Grande=7 points
  • Tazo Chai Tea Latte – Tall=4 points, Grande=6 points
  • Tazo Vanilla Roobios Tea – Tall=3 points, Grande=4 points
  • Skinny Latte – Tall=2 points, Grande=3 points, Venti=4 points

Also, be aware that if they pump any flavor or sugar into your drink, that is about 1 point per pump on top of those numbers, and about 2 points if you add whipped cream.

You need to make sure you request them not to pump any flavors, use the sugar free flavors, or do without.

The cold, blended drinks are just pretty high. I used to like the Strawberries and Cream drink, but that’s 9 points, plus whip cream, plus eating a slice of iced lemon pound cake at 14 points. That’s a quick 23 points. I have 55 points to use each day (see My Weight Watcher Points). I’m not going to use 42% of my points on a snack.

The smallest snack in their display is the petite vanilla scone, which is 4 points. That’s not horrible, just know what you’re getting.

I suggest bringing your own Weight Watchers snacks or eating some fruit from the Starbucks cooler (zero points with Points Plus).

Just remember, the points above are based on the new points system and not the old system. The best drink for Weight Watchers is going to be the Skinny Latte, and then the Vanilla Roobios tea. Although straight coffee and tea are zero points, I’m not much of a straight drinker.

So, maybe tomorrow I’ll try one of those Skinny Lattes… although it sounds like a girl drink.

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