Weight Watchers Lunches

One of the things that is a key to success for me is to not make things too complicated. I am not going to win any Food Network awards for some creative dish I made for lunch. I need it simple, quick, and tasty for my lunch when I’m doing Weight Watchers.

A quick note… what I have for lunch is usually dependent on what I am going to have for supper. Big lunch = smaller supper. Regular lunch = Regular or large supper.

My lunches are usually one of three things:

Smart Ones Lunch1) First, I do the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Entrees. As you can see from the photo, this is my lunch today. I had the Chicken Enchiladas Monterey (8 Points Plus), with a little sour cream(1 point for 1 1/2 tbs), a Green Giant Just For One Cauliflower and Cheese (1 points plus), and a bottle of water. 10 Weight Watchers points plus all together. I really like the Smart Ones Mini Cheese Pizzas (6 points), the Artisan Four Cheese Pizza (10 points), Chicken Parmesan (7 points), Chicken Enchiladas Suiza (8 points), Chicken Ranchero Smart Wraps w/ salsa (5 points), and the mini Cheeseburgers (5 points each – I usually eat 2 of them for 10 points).

There are a couple of the meals I won’t touch. They are either too bland tasting, or I don’t really care for Asian/Chinese style meals.

The Green Giant Just For One veggies are pretty nice too. They are mostly 1 point each.

2) Second, I make a sandwich and chips. A good whole grain, high fiber bread is good. I prefer chicken lunch meat over turkey lunch meat. I just think chicken has more flavor. I add lettuce, maybe one slice of tomato, and some light mayo. A sandwhich like this is about 8 Points Plus. I will add a bag of Baked Lays for 3 more points. There are times I will have a small salad with either this, or the above Smart Ones meals.

Other times I may eat some leftovers from a previous night’s supper. Other times I may add a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich to top it off. Either way, pretty simple and quick lunch.

3) Finally, I will go out to eat. This could be anything. I’ve mentioned before that Chick-fil-a is a good choice. You can do a Chick-fil-a with fruit and drink for 6 points. There is also a pizza place near my house. I will get their two slices of cheese and a drink for $3.95, for 10 total points. I will go to Scholotzgy’s and eat their Chicken Caesar Salad (about 9 points with dressing – I toss the croutons), Subway or Jimmie Johns is a good choice (I prefer Jimmie Johns), or anywhere.

I try and keep my meals eating out at lunch under 15 points. It can take a bit longer to order. Sometimes I ask for a nutrition menu and get out my points calculator on my smart phone to see what is best.

I like what I like. If I have to change things too radically, this diet isn’t going to work. Like I have said before, that is one of the reasons I like Weight Watchers. You really do get to eat anything you like. No food is off limits. I’ve had a McDonalds Quarter Pounder and Fries for lunch, and I’ve had a meals under 5 points.

All in all, if I can keep my lunches between 8 – 12 points, that means I can have a good afternoon snack and a big ole supper. I like to go into supper with about 25 points left. That doesn’t always work. Sometimes I’m down to 12-15 points when supper roles around, but that’s okay. I just go light on supper and start over again the next day.

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  1. Traci says:

    You are doing great! Very proud of you. I can hardly keep up with you now:)

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