Smart Ones Food

I mentioned before that I eat the Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals to help make things easier. Here are a couple good ones and a nasty one.

I like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough desert. That’s very good after supper and is 4 points on the Points Plus system.

I like the Cheese Mini Pizzas for lunch. Those are tasty. Gotta have my pizza. They are 7 points on the Points Plus system.

I like the Artisian 4-cheese Pizza. It is very good, but it is 10 points. You just can’t eat much else with it that has points.

The Chicken Parmesian is good at 7 points, and the mini Cheeseburgers are good too at 5 points (although I like to eat 2 of them). The Stuffed Breakfast sandwich was good at 6 points too.

As far as nasty goes – the Canadian Style Bacon English Muffin breakfast thing has a funky flavor to it. That was a waste of 6 points this morning. The Tuna Noodle Gratin was had no flavor to it. That was another waste of 6 points.

Three other things (non Smart Ones meals)  that I have found good are:

  1. The Green Giant “Just For One” veggies. They have Broccoli and Cheese, Broccoli and Carrots, Corn Niblets, and Cauliflower and Cheese. All of them are only 1-2 points and go well with a lunch or dinner. I like those. They come four to a back and heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.
  2. For desserts, I like the Skinny Cow products, especially the ice cream sandwiches. They are 4 points on the Points Plus system and have a lot of flavor.
  3. For snacks I like the 100 calories Hostess cakes. They are 3 points. You just need to look for them where they are $2.50 a box, rather than $3.50 at some stores. My guess is most of the 100 calorie snacks are going to be about 2-3 points.

I know there are some people who do not like prepared food in a box. That’s fine. I’m not going to make the Food Network in my fancy work in the microwave, but there are two main reasons I like to use the Smart Ones meals or any other meal that is good for Weight Watchers:

  1. For me, it’s convenient and fast. Right now at the beginning of losing weight, if I have to take too long to make something or its going to take 50 ingredients at the health food store, I’m out. I will sooner or later (probably sooner), ditch it and find something that is fast.
  2. It’s already set on points and I don’t have to calculate all the ingredients and make my best estimate about how many points my meal is. Besides, the meals are pretty cheap and it’s certainly less money than going to McDonalds, Subway, or wherever.

I noticed that Weight Watchers is coming out with several new meals. Gonna try the french toast this week and a couple other new ones and see how things go.

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