Weight Watchers vs. Atkins

In other posts and pages on this site I have mentioned that I have quite a bit of experience with the Atkins diet. So, I wanted to spend a few minutes and just let you know why I ultimately chose to do Weight Watchers instead of Atkins.

Atkins is a low-carbohydrate diet. You restrict or eliminate high carbohydrate foods and simple carbs. You focus on proteins and more natural foods such as veggies and fruit. It is more than a meat, egg, and cheese diet, but those things are the primary staples of your diet.

So, let me give you a few pros and cons, and then why I chose Weight Watchers

Atkins Pros

  1. There aren’t really any quantity restrictions, especially in the beginning. You focus on meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, green veggies, and no or low carb foods.
  2. It is a healthy diet. My blood work has always been excellent – cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.
  3. You lose weight quickly in the beginning, and your body begins burning fat to convert into energy.

Atkins Cons

  1. It is difficult to sustain. It seems that less than 5% of anything available at a grocery store is on the menu. It becomes very difficult to find food for, especially if you are also shopping for food for other family members who are not on Atkins.
  2. Too easy to cheat and crash. I can be cruising along and begin to lose my desire for sugary foods or breads. However, one taste of a biscuit or something sweet, and I just crash and burn. It is ultimately too restrictive. I have done this countless times at the 2 week mark, 6 month mark, or even longer. And then the pounds come flooding back.
  3. It is very difficult to do when you are the only one doing it and everyone else in the house is eating normal, or trying to go out to eat.
  4. The prepared foods (Atkins bars and shakes) are so loaded with chemicals and artificial sweetners that is completely messes up your intestines.
  5. The lack of variety of food makes things difficult too.

I like the Atkins diet, but I don’t think that the average person can live it. Naturally some people have, but it is too difficult to live out.

I chose Weight Watchers ultimately because it easily answered all 5 of those Cons from Atkins, plus you get the benefit of the Pros as well.

With Weight Watchers, the weight loss may be slower to come off, but I have had no difficult finding food to eat, choosing food at a restaurant, eating what the rest of my family is eating, and splurging now and then without crashing and burning.

WW is also a more realistic lifestyle. It’s about portion control and learning to make wiser choices in the calories I eat. Yeah I can eat a chocolate doughnut (and I have), but eating a nectarine or low point snack will give me more choices as I make my way throughout the day. I can go to Starbucks (and I have) and order a strawberry¬†frappuccino and splurge, or do a Skinny Vanilla latte (only a couple points). With Atkins, the choice is really none of the above.

Atkins vs. Weight Watchers – Both are good, but WW is my choice because of all of the above reasons.

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